Last Chance to Qualify for Competition in the 2017 Masters

The VS Gaming Masters Qualifiers are reaching the final stages with the last two Ruby Proving Grounds being the Genesis and DO-OR-DIE cups. If your team still wishes to battle it out, time is of the essence.

PSA: To clear up any confusion, it must be noted that the Masters Cup and the Masters Final are two separate events with two separate qualifiers.Teams that want to compete in the upcoming Masters Final will need to go through the Amber (concluded) and Ruby (on going) cups.

This means that even teams that qualified from the Sapphire and Emerald qualifiers will need to go through the Amber or Ruby qualification series if they want to go to the Final Masters event.

TL:DR – Teams that qualified for the first Community Shield (Masters Cup) event will still need to compete in the Amber and Ruby series in order to qualify for the second Community Shield event: The Masters & Championship Qualifier.

There are just two more cups remain in the Ruby Showdown series, which is the last of the Masters qualifier events, with registration for the Genesis Proving Ground closing on 21 May at 11:45 pm.

Ruby Genesis Proving Grounds Registration:

After the Ruby Genesis Proving Ground Cup, there will be the last  DO-OR-DIE Proving Ground cup for 2017, which is the last chance to make it into the Ruby Showdown and a chance at competing in the second Community Shield, which progresses towards the Masters Grand Final later this year.

Stay tuned for more updates and news about the Ruby Proving Grounds.