How to qualify for the Masters (CSGO/Dota2)


The Masters is the highest tier of DGL competition reserved for the top 10 MGOs (Multi-Gaming Organizations) in South Africa, competing in CSGO and Dota 2 for their share of R1 Million prize pool.

This year the DGL is introducing a new Wildcard Qualifier (Community Shield), designed to grant equal opportunity for non-Masters teams to earn a spot in the Masters Cup or end-of-the-year Masters Final and share in that major prize pool on the big stage.

The only way to book your spot in the Community Shield, and stand a chance to compete at a Masters event, is to enter and progress through one of four qualifiers (Emerald, Sapphire, Amber and Ruby) or a Community Event.

The Community Shield is a 16 team tournament, with the top 2 finishers guaranteed a spot in a Masters event to compete against the remaining top 6 Masters teams – Structure to be confirmed closer to the event.

Community Shield [Total 16]

  • Bottom 4 Masters teams [Total 4]
  • Top 2 non-Masters teams from both respective Qualifiers [Total 4]
  • Top 4 non-Masters teams from both respective Community Events [Total 8]

masters-cup12 masters-cup34